Selecting Joined Data from multiple tables

BearDB supports most of the database join types, such as JOIN, INNER JOIN, and OUTER JOIN.

When the JOIN keyword is used, it is treated the same as an INNER JOIN.
LEFT JOIN is treated the same as LEFT OUTER JOIN, and RIGHT JOIN is treated the same as RIGHT OUTER JOIN.

BearDB supports all joins using only one join syntax in each SQL statement. Joins may be composed of the following types of syntax:

  • Native Join: The join is specified using the SQL syntax JOIN [table.column] ON [table.column]. With a native join, there is only one table in the FROM clause.
  • Inferred Join: The join is inferred from the SQL statement using the syntax WHERE table1.columnA = table2.columnB. With an inferred join there will be at least two tables in the FROM clause.

The SQL 'FULL JOIN' syntax and the UNION syntax are not supported in this release of BearDB.