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  • If you need support or specific information for BearDB you can use this email address

    We have one way to get help with BearDB so the team only has to monitor one point of contact, and you get better answers in less time.

The Team

  • Pete

    Pete is marketing, handles our parnerships, and is the team Visionary.
    Pete is like a form of energy which was crammed into a human and didn't kill its host. Pete has brilliant ideas for BearDB, and is the one driving the team to create BigBear. Pete is also the customer advocate, and constantly hounds us to get more done faster.

  • Stephen

    Stephen is one of the team workhorses. He digs in on problems and will not lose to any goddam software!
    Stephen can be categorized as liking Exactly One of the programming languages we use for BearDB. But when we are days away from a release, he will jump in on either programming language like a seasoned professional.
    Reminder: No one on the team is an Actual Professional because we don't act that way.

  • Brian

    Brian has recently taken up architecture for the team. He immediately called a meeting and yelled at all of us because we were doing it wrong.
    Seriously though, Brian is the point on BigBear and has been doing an amazing job working on BearDB and BigBear.
    Brian also loves the multiple programming languages in BearDB, and only someone as odd as Yona would like that.

  • Mark

    Mark makes customer-recommended code changes come to life. He is the scrum master, the development manager, the project manager, and handles all the 'hosted' applications and licenses.
    There is a legend that Mark got on the team because he brings in doughnuts once a week.
    Yona has a doughnut-dependency problem even though he weighs about 100 pounds.


    Yona created most of the technology on which BearDB is based.
    About 12 years ago, Yona started an open-source database project. During that time there were around 60 releases of the project in total, and everything was being done by Yona.
    Yona is the other workhorse, and he handles the documentation, the web site, and works on all the parts of BearDB and BigBear.
    We want to make a point to mention that Yona's project had an amazing array of technology and it all worked well in two programming languages.
    It was the technology, the polish and the complete-ness of everything which caused us to form the team.