using BearDB

Using BearDB

Our bears are very easy to get setup and running.
Once running, nothing can stop a bear.

BearDB comes with full documentation for every part of the system.
The BearDB SQL guide provides examples of the SQL supported by our bears, and is helpful to those who are new to SQL.
BearDB is a special type of database which supports REST right out of the den!
The REST support in BearDB can be used to back a website without the need for a REST service.
Having a native REST server in BearDB allows your bear to be very agile, besides already being a bear.
BearDB comes with a number of database clients including an ADO.NET driver, a JDBC Type 3 driver, direct clients for C# and Java, and even the BearSQL Console. All the infomation on the BearDB clients is also available in beardocs and included with BearDB.

How to Use the bears

BearDB Docs

Documentation for BearDB
including SQL Guide, Client docs, and REST docs.

BearDB W.T.F.

The BearDB W.T.F.
where your questions are answered by the org.